Banana FAQ

We get questions about Banana from all kinds of people. This section answers some of the more oft-asked questions.


Why is Banana so umphy?
What you hear as an “umph” sound is emitted by a bagpipe-like structure adjacent to¬†her esophagus called the Smithy Dingus. All Bostons are born with one — a hallmark of the breed.

Why does Banana smell like Fritos?
You are what you eat.

Why is Banana so jowly?
The flappy jowls that you know and love were defined in her original manufacturing specifications.

Why is Boo Boo Kitty so tiny?
Banana is not tiny, not really. She’s just farther away than you think. If you were to see her up close, you would find that she is a dense, “actual size” tube of matter.

Can Banana see straight?
Probably not. We attempted to test this empirically using a traditional eye chart — which is how we discovered she cannot read.

Eye Doctor

Does Banana dream?
Yes. Studies have shown that most of her dreams are about sunshine and lollipops. If you look in her ears while she’s sleeping, you can see them.

Who made Banana, and why?
No one knows. Either thing.