Point of view 1: Imperial Officer (The Force Unleashed)

Muffled screams emanate from behind the durasteelĀ gate. Stormtroopers shouting “Get him!” and “It’s a Jedi!” discharge laser blasts from their E-11 rifles. Then silence. The imperial officer quietly statesĀ “Prepare yourselves…” to his troops. He reflects upon how he kept the rookie stormtroopers behind the gate.

A loud crash shakes the world. When the officer’s ears stop ringing, he sees the gate bent inward ever so slightly. Then, before his very eyes, the gates wrench open with a screech. A lightsaber flashes, and suddenly private Jon 2203 has once and for all lost his head. Sergeant Jak 3461 is brought down by lightning, and privates Tom 2109 and Jim 8759 are thrown backwards into a wall with a dull thud. Suddenly very alone, the officer observes his adversary for the first and last time. The Force user lifts his hand, and the officer lifts up in the air by an invisible grip. The Jedi flicks his wrist, and the officer finds himself several hundred feet up.

The officer plummets downward, and reflects upon his mistakes. However, he does not have much time to do so, as he has a very close encounter with a TIE fighter windshield.

Back in the present, the gamer yells “Cool!” and his screen reads “Imperial Officer: Long Way Down bonus.”